South-Pak, Inc. produces the best manufactured custom made shipping cases. It’s why giant industry titans, fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and even celebrities trust us with solving their shipping problems. When a Brinks armored truck carries your money, they use our cases. When Siemens needs to ship sensitive equipment, they use our custom made shipping cases. We’ve made shipping cases of every shape, size, and color imaginable and because our work is custom made for the client, each case has a foam or plastic interior made specially for the particular needs.

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More about how South-Pak Makes Shipping Cases
At South-Pak, Inc. we have developed a unique bi-core exterior for hard cases. We use this to make large cases with a very hard exterior that is weather proof. It’s incredibly strong and sure to protect what is inside. Furthermore, as pictured above, we cut and provide amazing foam solutions. The foam allows us to fill empty space in the case so that your equipment fits tightly assuring a protected travel. It’s important to note that the cases we custom make at South-Pak, Inc. are ATA Military Grade cases and are not injection molded cases like the cases manufactured by Pelican, Underwater Kinetics, and other case manufacturers. Though we do distribute their products and cases and we do make foam interiors for their cases, if you are looking for something truly custom for your needs, we have your back.

For example, for NASA we produced a nine foot long case. This case was built from the ground up custom for NASA and nothing like it existed before. It protected NASA’s technology effectively and provided a powerful solution for a complex set of problems.

If you manufacture equipment or travel a lot with delicate equipment and traveling and shipping it is a large pain, know that there is a better way. That better way for shipping cases starts with you emailing or calling 1 (800) 541-9834. We will listen to your needs and attempt to solve your problems with a custom manufactured case solution.

We have made cases that allow for a Plug-N-Play solution. That means that the case contained some sort of technology and a power source and all the equipment was operable from inside the case so all the customer has to do is open the case. For example, we made a specialty case that operated a breathing machine as well as a laptop and a solar panel that unfolded out of the case for a high tech high altitude exploration. The travels involved river rafting and lots of climbing and yet our case was manageable to lift yet protective enough to be completely water resistant.

We could go on and on about the cases we are so proud to manufacture here at South-Pak. The bottom line is: give us a call and just say hello. Chances are, we can make traveling easier and we can help you protect your tools, your equipment, your valuables, and your belongings.