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Innovation in Action

You can trust South-Pak to deliver high-quality brands like
PELICAN and SKB customized to provide optimal protection, and reliable security for a broad range of usage applications. Since our founding in 1981, South-Pak has become synonymous with technical excellence in protective hard case solutions.

Whether you need to move it, store it, or present it, we’re confident our custom-tailored hard cases will fit your unique requirements.

a hard case with custom inserts
Yellow Hard Case

Stock Cases

Benefit from our extensive industry experience as we carefully curate and offer only the best hard shipping cases. Partnering with world-class case manufacturers, we stock popular size cases ready for pick up or delivery. And when the time comes for custom protection, we can create an interior to meet your needs.

Pelican Air Grey Hard Cases

Rolling Cases

Discover a broad selection of high-quality rolling cases designed for travel, shipping, and displaying. Equipped with edge wheels and a pull-up or drag handle, these durable rolling cases provide unmatched ease of use and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

SKB Black Carrying Cases

Carrying Cases

Choose from our wide range of hard carry cases, available empty or with configurable foam. Whether it’s ruggedized, military-style cases or affordable blow-molded plastic cases you need, we strive to provide the best foam solutions for all, ensuring your equipment stays protected.

Black Hard Shipping Case

Shipping Cases

Explore a diverse array of hard shipping cases, including cube cases, shipping trunks, and trade show specialty cases. Our shipping cases feature removable base casters and forklift provisions for enhanced shipping efficiency and convenience.

custom gun case

Weapons Cases

For manufacturers, law enforcement, hunters, or just avid shooters and gun enthusiasts, South-Pak offers a selection of top-quality, mil-spec options and TSA compliant options. Customized foam solutions protect your weaponry and equipment, entrusting your gear with our protective cases, already in use by the U.S. military.

Style and Class

At South-Pak, we blend form and function, ensuring your hard cases not only provide top-tier protection but also impress with style. “Wow” your customers or prospects with our aesthetically pleasing solutions.

Choose South-Pak for our expertise, reliability, and a commitment to delivering hard cases that excel in both protection and style.

Discover the perfect hard case solution for your equipment today.


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– Lighting Equipment
– Medical Equipment
– OEM Instruments
– Sales Kits
– Carrying Cases
– Waterproof Cases
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