Shipping Multiple Laptops: Get Better Protection and Save Money with a Properly Designed Case

Many corporate training professionals need to travel frequently with multiple laptops, a gaggle of cabling, routers and other gear in order to be fully functional in a remote location. They must choose between shipping the items ahead, which may cause logistical and damage problems, or paying overage charges to check them through on the airplane. An efficient custom designed case interior can help alleviate these problems and save money in the process.

Many “do-it-yourself”, or “standard” case interiors subscribe to the old adage of “2 inches of foam around everything”. This is, in fact, the least efficient means of shipping a lot of IT gear in a case. A much better strategy is to use a combination of solid partitioning and strategically placed foam cushioning to create an integrated protection system. These systems account for all the external and internal stresses likely to occur, and use a holistic design approach to counter balance them.

The resulting package is both lighter and stronger than the traditional approach, and this saves money and hassle every time the case ships. Given the current high cost of shipping, not to mention fuel surcharges, the shipping cost savings can exceed the cost of the whole case in a very short time.

An example of this is the Zero Laptop Solutions™ cases that are available in 6,8,10 and 12 unit configurations. These cases use carpet covered ABS partitions set in high density foam inside Zero’s military grade Transitainer™ case line. These cases are great for LTL shipments of a lot of gear, but are too big for airlines. This same design philosophy can be used on smaller travel size cases suitable for airline check-in. The smaller case size needed for a given number of laptops may make the difference between paying an overweight or oversize charge or not. The cost savings after just a few flights can easily pay for the incremental cost of the custom designed case.

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