We love our cases here at South-Pak and some of our best cases are shipping cases. Allow me to go over our array of shipping case options so that you can make an informed decision about purchasing your protective shipping case.

Picture of a Shipping CaseThere are countless types of shipping cases. We distribute only the best big brand shipping cases and we also distribute our own very specialized trade show shipping tubs.

1. SKB Military Style Shipping Cases
These cases are military grade shipping cases. Created with rotationally molded Polyethylene plastic, they are built to last a life time. Actually, they are guaranteed to last a life time. These cases are absolutely perfect for shipping equipment and shipping heavy tools.  The case will insure the protection of your expensive toolset. These cases have pressure relief valves, optional foam, protected hardware, and much, much more.

2. Zero Transitainer Cases
These cases are a more affordable option than the SKB Military Grade option but the case still provides subperb protection. This case is recommended for storing and infrequently shipping supplies and technology. This case is perfect with custom configuration options as well. Custom made foam inserts can ensure a higher level of protection for the contents of the case and help with organization.

More information about our shipping case selection will come soon. For now, just check out our shipping cases page on our website by clicking here.