Safest Ways To Travel With Your Camera Equipment

Every experienced photographer understands the importance of reliable travel equipment. However, not everyone is experienced. There are several key factors to consider when deciding which travel equipment is best for you.

Before you look online, there are several key questions you need to ask yourself.

What purpose does your camera serve?

Videos? Photos? Think about your goals in the film industry and visualize where they will take you. This will help you brainstorm what you are looking for specifically in the travel case industry.

Where will your camera take you in the years to come?

Think long term. How many years will this gear be useful to you? Do you have any trips already planned? What would be the best all purpose case for you. You don’t need to over do it, but be careful not to underspend as well. Quality travel cases are essential for your expensive gear.

How far are you traveling?

Road trips to the lake? Cross country? International? This is crucial to consider before even thinking about products. If you are starting out local you may only need a backpack or portable hard case. If you are more adventurous you may want to consider upgrading to something a little more secure, like an SKB hard travel case. Make sure to research the climate conditions your gear will be facing. This is yet another important aspect in determining which camera case is best suited for you.

How fragile is your equipment?

Chances are your equipment is probably pretty expensive. Don’t try to save money on a case that holds your most useful/expensive asset. A general rule of thumb to consider: the nicer your gear is the nicer the case you’ll need to protect it! These are just a few examples to give you an idea of what you should be thinking about when considering a new travel case.

After you’ve taken a few moments to reflect, you are now ready to consider products.

South-Pak deals hands on with hundreds of travel cases on a daily basis. Over the years, not only have we perfected our customized interior molding; we have also learned a thing or two about quality. Quality travel cases are invaluable. DO NOT sell out on cheap products! A low quality case will cost you the life of your equipment. It’s just not worth the risk.

The three most common forms of travel in the film industry are listed below. Each stage has recommended products that best fit their nature. 

Long Distance

For those of you international or long distance travelers, here are a few great quality brands/products to consider. It’s no secret that when flying commercial airlines, your fragile equipment is at riskThat’s exactly why we recommend SKB for international travel. Their hard outer coating provides long lasting protection you can trust, not to mention they are also completely waterproof.

SKB has been manufacturing custom hard cases since 1977. We handle almost all of their models directly because of their exceptional quality and durability. SKB makes cases for many consumer products (such as gun cases, sporting goods, etc.) but their camera/video cases are some of our personal favorites. Click the here to browse SKB camera case products.


So what happens when your plane lands? What if you are a local traveler and you can drive to your destination? While hard cases are must-have for local and international travelers, soft cases and duffle bags are more efficient when lugging around all of your hard cases from point A-B. For example, let’s say you just landed at your destination and now you’re ready to take your belongings and equipment to your hotel. Nobody wants to carry their suitcase, backpack/purse, and 3-4 separate hard cases.

In our experience, Pelican’s 100 Liter Duffel Bag is the best option when carrying multiple sets of equipment. It’s lightweight, very spacious, beautifully designed, and has four exterior clip attachments to create even more space! If 100+ liters is too excessive for you, check out Pelicans even more portable option the MPD40 mobile duffle carrying case:

Carry Ons

Let’s say you’re a light traveler, and you don’t need a bunch of fancy over the top equipment in your area of the business. Well, there are several good options for you as well. If you are one of these people, you need a Mobile Protect Backpack. Pelican’s line of Mobile Protect Backpacks are lightweight, weather resistant, durable, easily portable, and they leave plenty of extra storage room, even after you’ve packed all your gear.

Pelican’s MPB series has a sleek design and is the lightest mobile case you can find. The MPB is made for maximum comfort and long distance travel. They are offered from 20-35 liters of storage. Pelican also offers the S100 and U100 series. These mobile protect backpacks are a slight upgrade from the MPB series in several ways.

First, both the S and U100 series have a laptop storage area that is completely waterproof! That’s right these mobile camera backpacks can be fully submerged and keep your camera/laptops unharmed! Also, both of these series come with built in custom molds that will fit your travel gear perfectly. These pre cut compartments are located at the front of the backpack to allow easy access and stowaway.  


Drone footage is essential for every successful video producer. However, drones can be some of the most fragile and expensive assets in the industry. Unfortunately, most big name drone companies (like DJI) do not include custom hard cases with the sale of their products.

South-Pak recognizes this costly problem in the drone industry, and we have a solution! In house, we store pre-cut custom drone hard cases that will fit your model right away. Want a custom design? How about an internationally acceptable drone travel case? We got you covered! At our warehouses, we have hard cases on deck ready to cut your drone’s specific dimensions!

WARNING DO NOT take a drone anywhere without a protective hard case! Drone footage is what separates the amateurs from the experts. Make sure you are always protecting your most valuable equipment!!

We supply military grade drone cases to our armed forces every year. We carry only the best drone casing products, that you can trust. Learn more about our Military capabilities.


These days, GoPro’s are a common way to record film. Their portable size makes them perfect for concerts, festivals, travel, and especially action shots. GoPro has taken over the travel camera market. Many GoPro enthusiast’s also own other accessories to enhance the quality of their footage. There are hundreds of different accessories available for these portable cameras. The problem with the size of these accessories is the fact that they can be easily misplaced or stolen. With our select GoPro travel kits you can keep your GoPro cameras and accessories safe and easily locatable at all times. Not to mention they can help keep your equipment organized while traveling.

Plasma Shipping Cases

Shipping your flat screen is a scary process. There are many things that can go wrong during transport. Make this process easy on yourself with trusted durable and proven SKB plasma shipping cases. As mentioned earlier SKB is known for their wide range of products in the casing industry. They manufacture a large portion of the cases we customize and distribute. These Plasma shipping cases are great for tailgates, corporate events, and moving locations. Their exterior is made up of a molded gasket valence, while the interior consists of configurable convoluted foam.

Quick Tips

Insure your equipment!

Every time your equipment is in use (or not in a reliable case) it is susceptible to damage. Accidents happen, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Buy your equipment a quality protective case

It happens more often than you’d think. Thousands of dollars down the drain due to low budget case. Don’t cut corners! Your equipment deserves the best, and so do you!

Keep your personal belongings separate from your equipment

This may seem like minor advice, but this is especially important when traveling abroad. If your gear gets lost or stolen, you do not want to be stranded without a phone/wallet.

Use padded cases

When you do decide to buy a case, make sure the interior is sufficiently padded! Low quality foam or a rough interior cases can harm your camera beyond repair.


Always be cognizant of the laws and regulations wherever you travel. For example, some countries don’t even allow drones off the plane before you land. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with your environment prior to traveling. To avoid any unforeseen drama.  

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Keep a written record of all your gear
  • Keep your camera close to you at all times
  • Always be conscious of your surroundings
  • Keep your equipment clean
  • Insure your equipment
  • BUY A CASE!!
  • Expose your camera to extensive temperature changes
  • Overpack (only bring what you need)
  • Purchase a “cheap” low quality case
  • Bring a drone onsite without checking local restrictions
  • Buy anything without researching product reviews

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