Plasma and LCD Shipping Cases: New Products Save Money, Reduce Weight, and Provide Great Protection

The last 3 years have seen the introduction of several high quality rotationally molded cases, many with off-the-shelf interior options, that fit specific (or a range) of screen sizes. These cases are also being offered at a much lower price points due to mass production efficiencies, and the standardization of interiors. These cases feature rib-protected latches and handles which allow them to meet ATA standards.

Back in the good old days, the only cases available for shipping large screen monitors were fabricated ATA style wood cases. ATA stands for American Transportation Association, and denotes a performance and design standard for returnable packaging. In common parlance, “ATA style” has become synonymous with fabricated wood road cases that have recessed latches and handles.

Plasma and LCD screens were much more expensive in the “good old days”, so nobody complained about using a heavy, custom wood ATA case to protect them. As screen prices have come way down in recent years, it no longer makes sense to spend $1,000 on a 100 lb. case to ship a 36″ LCD monitor that costs only $400. In addition, shipping costs have also gone up significantly in the last few years, which causes a larger penalty for excessive case weight.

SKB cases has been the most aggressive player in the market for smaller LCD and Plasma cases by recently introducing 2 new sizes that fit screens from 24” to 37”. Both of these cases are sold for less than $500, which more closely matches the value of the screens they are built to protect. Both have an innovative interior cushioning system that allows for the addition or removal of base and lid pads, and incorporates curved convolute foam that hugs the sides of the screens. As an added benefit, there is plenty of extra space in these cases to bring all the extras, such as power supplies, cables, stands, etc. These cases are ideal for tradeshow shipping, training needs, permanent storage, and are tough enough for military use as well.

These cases are not only lighter than comparably sized wood cases, but they also offer a protection level on par with them. The molded plastic construction also means no splintering, no swelling, and no pests. As an added benefit, and like their road case predecessors, the tops of these cases can also be fixtured to allow the case to be used as a TV stand.

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