Putting your equipment in a box with foam can go a long way

We make incredible things happen when we bring together boxes, foam, and equipment. Like a satellite technology case for military telecommunications. For that case, we were told to fit a bunch of separate technology and gadgets into a small highly durable case. We had to make everything work together, we had to make the equipment highly functional so that the equipment could be used in high stress environments, and we had to build an assortment of difficult compartments to hide away wires and protect fragile computer chips. Now, that case we build for a government agency is traveling the world. When a group of soldiers need to communicate critical information, when they need to rapidly setup a mobile communication network, they trust our technology. We couldn’t be more proud.

With our innovative Plasti-Clad material, we make boxes. The multilayered ABS plastic, the components we add to the formula, and our design and engineering processes all revolve around making the best solution for your problems and difficulties. We save millions of dollars for companies that do a lot of logistics works. Brinks, with their thousands of armored trucks traveling from bank to bank, rely on South-Pak created products to compartmentalize and secure their deposits in the truck. South-Pak worked closely with them to make a lengthy procedure into a rapid and simplified process.

From weapons cases that allow a SWAT team to rapidly deploy their largest equipment to our tiny chip packaging that is making it easier for chip manufacturers to distribute their technology, we bring together the boxes, the foam, and the equipment that empowers what works. You might think of what we do as a simple company that makes cases, four sided boxes.

The reality is that we work very closely with our clients. We solve their problems and increase their margins using “just” foam, boxes, and equipment. It’s a simple approach but we take great pride in it, and as a result we are pushing the American manufacturing industry forward.

What simple mundane resources does your business utilize in order to add value to the world around?