So, what are ATA Cases?

Definition of ATA Case: ATA Cases are called many things. As a singular, it can be a container, a box, a case, a roadie case, or a hard case (as opposed to a soft case like a bag). The name ATA Case originates from a standard for shipping cases that the Air Transport Association had. Since then, the name has shifted away from necessitating actual compliance with the standards by the ATA. Rather, it represents the purpose of the case. That is a hard, protective case for travel or shipping. As the name Road Case suggests, the cases are often used for protecting equipment on the road. Bands and musicians on tour frequently use “road cases” for their travels. As if there aren’t enough alternative names already, in English Europe the term, “flight case” is used very frequently. While it originated from the purpose of hard protective cases used for travel by air or “flight”, the term flight case is used interchangeably with road case.

ATA Cases may seem like just the exterior shell but often the cases contain complex interiors of various kinds of protective layers and foams. Plastics and foams are cut into layers and places into the cases so that the cases can be used as equipment tool cases, display cases, and other such products. The best cases are made specifically for a purpose and client and that is why custom case solutions are so important for the shipping and traveling world, especially for government, business and industry clients.

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