No one can debate the merits of a product that has history. Wood has been used to create cases for just about ten thousand years. Wood is inexpensive. Manufacturers can mold it, cut it, and shape it cheaply so it is widely distributed. But wood is also a heavy construction material. It’s brittle and it’s not weather resistant and it is susceptible to damage from nature and animals.

With this in mind, is wood the best shipping case construction material?

The answer is absolutely not. hanks to advancements originally made for large signs and billboards, panel technology has pushed the ATA Case industry forward. Now, flight cases, shipping cases, road cases, and other hard cases are made from composite panels which are lighter and stronger than wood. This new construction method is a home run in the industry and due to the huge demand and mass production techniques, costs are relatively low.
Panels are made in various thicknesses that match commercially available extrusions and ATA Hardware.

Still, plywood cases are cheaper. Cases from plywood panels cost as much as 10% to 15% less. However, plywood cases are a much poorer value. Plywood cases have a significantly shorter life cycle which causes the cost to far exceed the initial cost. Don’t be fooled.

The facts:

  1. Composite panel construction is lighter than wood.
  2. Substantial shipping costs savings occur due to this reduction in weight
  3. Upkeep costs are eliminated or dramatically reduced due to the very infrequent need for repairs
  4. Composite panel construction maintains its function for longer and it doesn’t break. It’s far better than wood in a commercial or airline shipping environment.

    Just think about how if you have a wood case and it breaks or splinters, you have to repair the case and you have to repair what was in the case.

    Avoid Wooden and Plywood Cases for Carrying Cases and Travel Cases too
    Injection molded case products have reduced weight, they have standard features which make them easier to carry and transport. They are even cheaper than composite panel cases when it comes to travel and carry sizes. Molded construction is the superior choice by far.

    In music and broadcasting, wood cases are still common. But if anything, this is only due to tradition and habit. If you own a wood case, you would be very wise to switch. We can help. Check out our website and learn about shipping cases options.