Right now, our phones at South-Pak are ringing at a steady rate. We were pushing hard to grow despite the economic climate and while the past few weeks have been slow, our efforts appear to be paying off. Finally. With our long term investments in mind, we trust that politics and the economy at the macro scale will sort itself out.

But what if it doesn’t?

The US debt limit crisis could have serious consequences for domestic chemicals producers and other manufacturers if not quickly resolved, a top industry official said on Monday, and ultimately it could trigger a new recession


If the debt crisis triggers a new recession, we could quickly see the rise in costs such as fuel and energy. The logistics industry will still demand more money from its customers, etc. While we will always do our best to produce custom flight cases at affordable cost, demand will inevitably fall if our customers face higher costs elsewhere.

For now, there is hope in the monumental effort being untaken by some politicians and there is also hope in the data reflecting small business growth and positive earnings news from Wall Street.