These days, barely anyone carries a cell phone without a case. So, why should your employees and staff be carrying much more critical equipment without the proper case and protection?

If your business does a lot of on the field work and you are constantly replacing your technology, identifying the problem can save your business a lot of money. You don’t need us to tell you that, but have you considered that the problem could be the way your technology is being carried and transported rather than the reliability of the gadget itself?

With our custom cushioned soft cases, you can stop replacing your technology and your expensive equipment. Contact us and we’ll prepare a custom solution that better protects your equipment.

One of our clients had a severe problem and had to constantly replace a $2,000 piece of technology. Since our product was introduced, this problem has completely vanished. Not a single unit has broken in the field since we provided our custom made soft cases. The savings are tremendous, and always growing.

If your business’s technology is breaking on the job, be sure to collect the data and identify the source of the problems. Is the manufacturer of your technology at fault for not preparing rigid hardware, or can a more affordable solution be applied to the exterior of your technology? Sometimes, all your tech needs is a case.

A custom case can be made to exact specifications and to exact requirements. If you think your gadget or technology is somehow special and would not work in a case, we would love the challenge.

Our special custom soft cases, soft bags, and cushioning technology is unique and innovative. We know how important it is for business owners to protect their assets. Technology reliability is critical so please allow us to come up with creative solutions that will save your firm money, will improve the reliability of your on the field equipment, and will prove to be an extraordinary value added.

Contact us with your questions or feel free to reply with your comments, ideas, and thoughts.