When you travel with sensitive electronic equipment, don’t risk damage from static electricity! At South-Pak, we not only produce an impressive array of computer chip packaging but we also offer a special kind of foam that protects your gadgets and equipment from static electricity. We call these solutions, static control cases.

What are static control cases?
To rephrase, static control cases are hard cases like road cases or soft cases like bags with a special foam inside that prevents static buildup. We have produced such cases for large fortune 500 companies like Siemens and for individuals traveling to a technology conference. The case offers a unique level of protection and complete ease of mind so you don’t have to worry about your equipment during travel. Because the foam is custom cut and molded, your equipment fits tightly and firmly in the case interior preventing damage from mishandling of your case.

How do I get a static control case?
All you have to do is contact us at sales@south-pak.com or visit our official factory website.