Foam Frame Methodology

FoamFrame™ is South-Pak's Trademarked Case Construction Methodology

We Utilize Advanced Cushioning Materials to Create Long Lasting, Permanent Case Interiors that will not Degrade.

FoamFrame™ is South-Pak’s trademarked case construction methodology. Most foam interiors are based on the principles and manufacturing methods used in one-way packaging foam. FoamFrame™ utilizes a host of materials to create a long-lived, permanent interior for both hard cases and soft cases.

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What is a FoamFrame™ Interior?

FoamFrame™ combines innovative, advanced materials and over 23 years of case development experience into the ultimate lightweight, high-strength, protective case interior. Specialized foams are combined with selected structural plastics to create an incredibly strong structure while minimizing weight. This enhanced durability means less maintenance and repair costs over the lifetime of the case.

Each case is custom designed to match the needs of its contents to provide maximum protection while keeping overall case dimensions significantly smaller than a more traditional case. This means lower shipping costs each time the case travels.

What is FoamFrame™ Best Suited For?

FoamFrame™ can be used in almost any application. However, it delivers its greatest benefits for contents that can be damaged due to shock, impact or vibration during transit or while in storage.

How Does FoamFrame™ Reduce Case Size?

The structural components of FoamFrame™ enhance the natural protective properties of foam parts in the case interior so that less foam bulk is needed to achieve the required level of protection. In addition, and depending upon the application, we affix the structural plastic to the case to add strength properties well beyond the original manufacturer’s specifications. In short, more protection in a smaller case!

How Does FoamFrame™ Save Me Money?

The initial investment in FoamFrame™ is higher than that of “pluck” foam. However, interiors made from FoamFrame™ last up to 10 times longer, and offer far superior protection. Consider the total costs: case life, maintenance & repair, shipping costs, and potential damage to contents.

The FoamFrame™ solution will save time, money, and help assure that the item being transported arrives intact and functioning.

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