Sales Demonstration Cases, Bags and Presentation Displays

Custom Sales Demo Cases for your Marketing and Sales Team

Foam & Colored Flocking

We use a variety of high appearance foams and colored flocking to give your customers the WOW factor when you open the case.

Aveno Plasticase Attache
Sales Demo

Plug-N-Play Demo Cases

We specialize in Plug-N-Play Demo cases. Flip the lid, plug it in, and start your presentation. We provide custom graphics, panel mounting and even wiring.

Fire Demo Plug & Play
Soft Case Group
Net South

Custom Logo Bags

Show off your logo or product name before you even start. Choose from custom embroidery, high quality screen printing, or die sublimation for a crisp clean appearance

Mobile Point of Sale Systems

We fixture laptops, screens, and cameras inside rugged travel cases to enable you to sell on the go. Also ideal for badge printing systems!

Point of Sale System
Point of Sale Case

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