Photo of Gauge Tac Fuel Cell Case Manufactured by South-Pak

Complex Custom Case Design by South-Pak

At South-Pak, Inc. we are specialists in design. We use the most advanced tools available and the most intensive techniques to design products that protect for a life time.

Our team of experts construct cases that are purpose specific meaning you will get a product that is specialized to your needs. For example, we used our CAD processes to design a case and case interior for fuel pump accessories.

Before South-Pak developed and delivered it’s innovative solution, the customer had equipment in three separate cases. This caused logistical problems and was just a big headache for the firm.

At South-Pak, we were able to get all the equipment from the three cases into just one case. We were thus able to make the equipment easily transportable without sacrificing a high level of protection.

Picture of Foam inside the Protective Case

Expert Foam Layering and Design

Custom CAD designed and CAD cut case interior for fuel pump accessories. this customer previously had this equipment in 3 separate cases, we were able to get them into one, easily transportable case by re-thinking the overall case design.

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Photo of the handles on the case that make it easy to carry.

Case Handles for Easy Transport