You can no longer get away with just bringing a hard case into the airport. In our post-September 11th world, for better and for worse security is tight and it can be a big pain and it can cause hefty fees.

Now it takes an article from us in order to learn how to bring your sales samples on a plane without paying too many fees. But we’ll even give you two options.

1. A Padded Soft Case Exterior
A properly designed padded soft case with foaming can take the place of heavy hard case. With good case interior construction, a soft case will allow the same amount of contents to be protected equally well, even in the rough world of airline baggage handling.

2. A Custom Designed Case Interior
Foam padding, pluck foam, and bubble wrap may work if you are using a large case with lots of empty space, but when all of your equipment must fit it into a relatively small case, a custom cushioned interior will make it happen. The high quality custom cases and interiors are designed by CAD (Computer Aided Design) and feature plastic trays and partitioning. They also come with custom foam cushioning, so that the internal structures work together as a supportive unit. In many cases, pardon the pun, this will make the difference between getting everything in, and having to leave some items behind.

If you’re ready to investigate ordering your custom case solution, check our our solutions page