The Miracle of Protective CasesImage of diver holding a carrying case that is climate controlled in freezing water.

Diver wearing layers and layers needs no extra protection for his climate sealed carry case.

How do the world’s leading scientists take their irreplaceable research equipment through harsh environments? Mission ready protective cases prepared by us at South-Pak!

Carrying around expensive and delicate equipment is a challenge anywhere but it is possibly the greatest challenge for researchers working at our planet’s polar ice caps. At these locations, harsh weather can appear out of nowhere with possibly deadly force. And even when the weather is relatively clear, the “normal” conditions of the working environment does not allow any technological equipment or even human skin to last very long. For this reason, researchers wear layers and layers of protection and equipment is placed in protective hard carry cases.

This way, the equipment is protected without compromising the mobility of the technology.

Equipment such as tools used to record data, communicate data, and life-saving emergency response kits are protected by temperatures that would otherwise instantly freeze and ruin the equipment. Even in diving situations, insulated and pressurized cases allow divers to keep their critical equipment with them.

Often, protective cases will be custom made for researchers. This is done because equipment isn’t made to be square and isn’t made for the case. So foam and plastic fabrication is used to house the equipment within the case. Often, wiring and hardware will also be setup within the case. As a result, what looks like a briefcase is transformed into a fully functional technological device that researchers operate by simply opening the case and using a display and hardware such as buttons, levers, and controls.

Our company, South-Pak, produces such specialized protective carry cases that are custom made for clients including government agencies like NASA as well as publicly traded companies like GE. Sometimes, especially when we work with high-tech communications firms, we protect key infrustructure from very harsh environments.

The key when conducting such manufacturing is to know how different case exteriors such as our innovative Plasti-Clad material stand up to harsh environments. We carry out a battery of tests on our products to ensure the supreme level of protection that they provide. South-Pak is also the Southeast distributor for mission ready SKB cases. These cases are built to survive the harshest environments, including ice diving near the south pole.