Manufactured Cases and Packaging Products

For your shipping and travel challenges.

South-Pak's Markets and Customer Base

South-Pak services a wide array government and industrial customers. We have decades of experience serving various branches of the United States Military, and have worked extensively with federal and state governmental entities such as The Center for Disease Control and the Department Of Homeland Security. On the industrial side, we routinely work with global giants such as Siemens and General Electric, as well as, small businesses in a variety of market niches.

Hard Case Manufacturing Innovations

South-Pak, Inc. uses original technology to develop a variety of custom shipping cases. FoamFrameTM and Plasti-CladTMare two industry innovations developed by South-Pak, Inc. FoamFrameTM is a process of foam manufacturing produced by specialized foams that are combined with selected structural plastics to create a strong structure with minimal weight. The engineering process enhances durability and allows for little maintenance and low repair costs over the lifetime of a case. Plasti-CladTM fabricated cases are made with advanced plastic and aluminum composite panel structures that yields high strength and light weight. They also incorporate standard ATA hardware, but allow for advanced features such as recessed latches and handles that do not breach the inner case wall.