South-Pak specializes in case re-works. We take your old out dated shipping and travel cases and modify them to bring them back to life so that you don’t have to spend the money to buy entirely new cases. It’s just one of the many ways South-Pak works to add value to your business.

For instance, we have one customer that already owned roto-molded shipping containers. After 20 years, the customer’s equipment changed and the cases were no longer fit for the job.

So we reworked the foam solution and took care of all of the production needs. We updated the setup of the case and allowed him to use the updated foam partitioning to protect his new updated year.

Obviously, this saved the business a lot of money making both us and the client very happy. Here’s a picture of the production:

A photo of a case South-Pak Inc. modified with new foam and partitions.

Modified with new foam and partitions.

Be sure to navigate our website to learn more about our website. We have pages for custom foam fabrication services, for our custom cases, and for our inventory of hard cases.