We as travelers seem to be at war with the airlines. The airlines, most of them at least, are inventing fees everywhere and we as travelers want to carry as much as possible and avoid those fees. The weight limits are especially expensive and painful to deal with. But there is a way to win.

Custom Made Airline Carry On Bag

Custom Made Airline Carry On Bag

One of the biggest challenges today is meeting the airline weight limits when traveling with your gear.

If you are a traveling businessman in the manufacturing industry like we are, you know the pain of trying to carry demo products and equipment and having to dig way too deep into your pocket and checkbook.

There is good news!
South-Pak makes rugged custom made soft cases that are built to withstand the rigors of airline baggage handling, while also providing the convenience of wheels and telescoping handles. A custom cushioned interior helps protect and organize your gear inside the soft case.

What does this mean?
It means that you can travel with a bag that is custom prepared for your needs so that, as a result, you can travel lighter. The bag itself is lightweight and because you’ll have a custom solution, all access is avoided.