If you are traveling and happen to walk through an area with an unprotected wifi account and your laptop is not completely turned off, a skilled hacker can make his way into your data. Even if your laptop is in sleep mode and even if it’s in a normal bag, your private information can be prey.

At South-Pak, we prepare custom made soft cases that can offer you discrete protection and peace of mind.

Technological advancements have resulted in specially coated textiles. These materials that we use for the custom bags and cases we make for laptops feature an electromagnetic shield. By putting your laptop in a bag composed of these materials, your laptop can be protected from air-based hacking efforts. Even if you walk through an unprotected network or a trap where a hacker is scanning for laptops in the area, your electromagnetic shield will protect your equipment.

These materials are reasonably priced and can be used with a grand variety of professional sewing operations.

The good news here is that there have been recent advancements in specially coated textiles that create an electromagnetic shield between your electronic devices and the outside world. Although these materials have been around a while, these advancements have brought down the cost, and increased the ability of these materials to be used in commercial sewing operations.

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