If you are building your own road case or already have a road case purchased but you realized you still have a need for high quality road case foam, we have great news.

We at South-Pak design, manufacture and distribute high quality custom made foam parts for road cases. That means, we take the specs of your material and equipment and come up with the best possible way to protect it. Our years and years of experience affords us the expertise to provide top-tier manufacturing and design capabilities. When you need a road case to protect your valuables, you know you need high grade foam as well. For that reason, trust us with your custom foam needs.

We have great tools such as a water jet machine and great systems to efficiently produce layered foam products. We have used our methods to make complex foam designs for tool cases, for display cases, for trade show cases, and much more.

To learn more about our custom road case foam solutions, click here and see our custom foam parts page.