What does a 30 year old company know about products that truly last the test of time?

South-Pak does not just make boxes.

But what does South-Pak do?


  • We focus on innovative materials and technology.
  • We evolve practices and manufacturing processes constantly.
  • We seek the most difficult projects in aviation, military logistics, and other challenging industries.

South-Pak, Inc. makes custom engineered housings that are miticulusly designed and hand built with our innovative materials.

Siemens and Brinks are

companies with vast forces of workers, traveling from location to location with expensive technology and critical supplies. They need to be able to get to work fast. They need their technology to work without error whereever they go. They need solutions that fail-safe equipment organization and maintance.

That’s why they turn to South-Pak, Inc.
That’s why you should give us a call to.

  1. Tell us about the challenges facing your mobile technology.
  2. Tell us about that mess of wires you have.
  3. Tell us about that installation or protype that’s not being properly handled.
  4. Tell us about your logistical difficulties and your desire to cut costs.

We are eager to help you.
Call us when you have a chance: 1 (800) 541-9834

Cheers to the brillant minds at our humble factory.
Cheers to the American Manufacturing industry.

So what does your American manufacturing company do?


South-Pak, Inc.
Your Trusted Source for Custom Cases