Lockheed Martin

At South-Pak, we work hard to bring you innovative solutions for your every need. Our custom solutions work wonders for our business clients but the same products can also benefit motorcycle enthusiasts and riders looking for ways for their next road trip to be less of a hassle.

We have experience fitting, installing, and customizing storage solutions for motorcycles. For example, below are two Pelican 1600 cases that are fixtured to the bike to hold cargo.

Picture of hard cases for motorcycles.

Pelican Hard Cases for Road Trips

These cases are super tough and weather resistant. This means that you can travel easy knowing that even in the worst situation, your valuables are protected in practically impenetrable military-grade hard cases.

Additionally, we have the best soft case solutions. We have the manufacturing abilities to make custom bags and soft cases for every need. We also distribute these very durable weather resistant backpacks.

Tough Waterproof Backpack

A Tough Waterproof Backpack

These are perfect for keeping your personal necessities close in easy access. So even if you run out of room in your storage compartments, you can carry or tie your bag to your bike.

If you have any questions about the custom case solutions we can provide for you, be sure to check our case solutions website and engage in a live support chat with one of our expert designers.