Unparalleled Manufacturing Work and Outstanding Support.

For 30 years South-Pak has provided unparalleled custom design and support to our customers. Our formula is simple… We know our business, we have the experience and WE LISTEN TO YOU!

The Cortec line of corrosion control products distributed by South-Pak, along with the custom cases that South-Pak has designed and made for us over the years, have done an excellent job protecting our sensitive electronic equipment from rust and transit damage. This has reduced our worldwide repair and replacement costs.

Sherwood Pierce, Siemens Westinghouse

South-Pak, Inc. has been a valuable resource to Brinks CompuSafe Services for the past 7 years with regards to the quality of the cases, inserts and the customized design of these products. Brinks CompuSafe Services has not experienced damage to our products while using South-Pak cases or inserts. To compare South-Pak’s products to other vendor products is difficult to do because we only purchase our cases and inserts from one source and that is South-Pak and only South-Pak.

Steve Shultz, Brinks Compusafe

I have been a South-Pak customer for the past 5 years. I honestly cannot compare them to anyone else as I have always used them for my case needs. The cases they have designed for me have allowed me to check my sensitive computer equipment on planes with utter confidence. In the past 5 years I have had no damage to any of my equipment due to air or truck travel and I credit this to the superior custom work done by South-Pak. Additionally the staff is all extremely nice and helpful. It has been a pleasure to do business with them and I will continue to do so. I also continue to recommend them at every possible opportunity.

Leslie Dasher, Dasher Productions, Inc.

We have used South-Pak for over 4 years to build custom cases for shipping sensitive laboratory instrumentation that travels extensively out in the field to help our sales representatives. We have at least 6 different case designs built for us to cover the gamut of our various test apparatus. We had seen the destructive force the shipping companies had put our cases through by requiring us to install new latches, rolling wheels, handles, etc., and in almost all cases the equipment arrived intact and operational. That was often a surprise by the damage seen visibly on the exterior of the cases. We had not yet replaced any of the cases but we did need to replace the small fittings on the cases due to shipping abuse. There has been minimal downtime to equipment malfunction due to the intelligent interior design, choice of packing material and fabrication for the interior of the case for each individual part of the laboratory test equipment. Job well done.

Richard Urbantas, EKA Chemicals