1. Invest in a case that will stand up to abuse and time
Bigger companies are going to more and more trade shows. As opposed to going to a couple of trade shows in the year, making frequent appearances at regional trade shows is becoming the norm. With this in mind, it is important to find a case that will stand the test of time and abuse. There’s no point in buying a new case before every trade show. It’s not environmentally conscious, it’s not efficient, and it’s certainly not cheap. The benefit of paying slightly higher for a quality specialy designed trade show case far outweighs the small increase in the initial expense.

2. Avoid heavy cases
Some cases need to be heavy and rigid but when paying for shipping services, you need to be able to cut as much weight as possible. Special light weight trade show cases are made up of protective light weight panels. As a result, the shipping cost every time you attent a trade show is reduced. A South-Pak trade show case can reduce the weight of your current shipping case by as much as 30%.

3. Use specially molded cases based on what equipment and materials you are shipping
If you are shipping a large graphic banner to your trade show, you should use a special graphics case. This will allow you to securely roll your banner and allow it to be shipped without getting damaged. If you are shipping lighting stands, be sure to use a flat pack trade show case. If you are shipping a big plasma or LCD display, be sure to use a plasma screen case. The case you use should match your requirements and your needs.

4. Use custom fabricated foam to protect the content of your case
If you are packing a lot of equipment and not just materials such as flyers and banners, it’s important to protect your equipment. It would be a disaster to receive your equipment at the trade show just to find out that the equipment is broken. That’s why custom fabricated foam is a fantastic investment. It gives you ease of mind and it protects your equipment even during the most tough and potentially disastrous shipping situations.

5. Embrace a high tech custom made case to stand out at your trade shows
At South-Pak we have made shipping cases for trade shows that double as a presentation table or a display mount for a monitor. Using cases in a creative and in a professional-looking manner can help you stand out and attract attention at your next trade show. Our custom case manufacturing abilities and our design perspective can help you be a star at your next trade show.